140mm Dyed & Tumbled Walling Stone

Our 140mm Dyed and Tumbled Walling is our most popular walling stone. It is produced from locally quarried stone that has been cut to size, hand dressed and then dyed on our premises. After which it is tumbled. This adds to the distressed look by smoothing edges and exposing the natural colour of the stone beneath the dye creating that contrast that looks like reclaimed stone..

New Stone made to look like Reclaimed Yorkshire Stone.

Being fashioned from new stone that has been accurately cut to produce a product of even height has the advantage over Reclaimed Yorkshire Stone in that it makes it both easier to lay and reduces the amount of wastage.

Tumbled Walling Process
Tumbled Walling Process

Yorkshire Stone Walling

Our range of Yorkshire Stone walling is cut from newly quarried stone. It is cut to size and hand dressed. Depending upon the type of walling to be produced, hand dressing can include creating a pitch face, split face, tumbling and punching or a combination of these.

We produce Yorkshire stone walling in both the standard 100mm and 140mm sizes but we can make any size to match with existing walling. We also produce Random walling where a less consistent look is required, Dry Stone walling and Ashlar walling.

New Yorkshire stone, such as we we use to produce our stone walling, can be aged to look like reclaimed stone by a combination of dyeing and tumbling. The amount and colour of dye can be varied to produce a match to existing walls or compliment the stone work of existing buildings in the area.

100mm split faced walling

Tumbled Yorkshire Stone Walling – 140mm Medium Dyed

140mm Yorkshire Stone Walling

Pitched Faced Yorkshire Stone Walling – 140mm Natural

Random Split faced Yorkshire Stone

Delph Yorkshire 100mm Stone Walling

Random Wallstone

Random Yorkshire Stone Walling

Tumbled Yorkshire Wallstone

Tumbled 100mm Yorkshire Stone Walling

Yorkshire Stone Punch aced and Rumbled

Random Punch Faced Yorkshire Stone Walling

Ashlar walling

Ashlar Walling

Yorkshire Dry Stone Walling

Random Dry Stone Walling

Wall Toppings

Half Round Wall Toppings

Tumbled Walling

Tumbled walling is produced by placing the prepared stone in a large drum which is rotated mechanically. This causes the stone to tumble within drum smoothing roughed edges and highlighting imperfections as they make contact with each other.

Split Faced Walling

Unlike Pitch Faced walling stone the front facing of Split Faced walling is relatively flat in comparison.

Punch Faced Walling

Punch faced walling stone is created by using a chisel to cut a series of shallow tracks into the stone face.

Pitched Faced Walling

Pitch faced walling is produced by the way the stone is dressed. Our skilled stone masons dress the stone by hand leaving a front facing that is raised from the edge of the stone.

Check out our Heads, Quoins, Cills and Jambs which we can cut to size and shape to compliment your choice of walling.