Stone Roof Slates & Ridge Tiles

Our natural stone roof slates are cut from new sandstone and can be left natural or can be weathered to blend in with surrounding buildings or match as closely as possible existing roof slates.

We supply 4 standard lengths of stone roof slate (to the peg); 770mm, 710mm, 660mm and 460mm. We also supply 4 other lengths; 920mm, 870mm, 810mm and 610mm. Sizes quoted are to the peg. Each size is available in 3 different widths; 600mm, 450mm and 300mm.

Each stone roof slate comes pre-drilled and fully machine calibrated to 22mm ensuring that they lie flat on the roof. They can be used with or without a water table finish to the edges of the roof and when laid in diminishing courses they have the appearance of traditional York stone slate.

Replica stone ridge tiles are available to complete your project and which can also be aged to match the roof slates.

Please call us on 01484 663766 to discuss your requirements and to provide you with a quotation.

Ridge Tiles and Stone Roof Slates

Natural Stone Roof Slates

Natural Stone Roof Slates


The ideal companion to our natural pitch faced Yorkshire walling stone.

Weathered Stone Roof Slate


The ideal companion to our dyed and tumbled walling stone.