Natural Stone Paving and Accessories

Our range of natural stone paving consists of various colours in several different natural stone materials; Limestone, Granite, Sandstone and Slate. Each has it’s own characteristics and with many complimenting accessories such as circles, stepping stones, copings and edgings our natural stone paving range provides the opportunity to create that special landscape.

Within our range of stone paving we also have reproductions of several classic types of paving such as Moorstone and Lakeland.

We also sell lawn turf and artificial grass to compliment your building/landscaping project.

Natural Stone Paving - Stepping Stones

Stepping Stone

380mm x 560mm x 30mm (approx)

Stone Copings

320mm x 560mm x 50mm
420mm x 560mm x 50mm


1000mm x 200mm x 50mm


Stone Circles

3.98m diameter: 2.84m diameter: 1.7m. diameter.
Size includes squaring off pieces.